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Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Sales and Installation



Heat pumps have advanced greatly in the past several years and are becoming a great choice for cold climate areas like Vermont.


Heat pumps are energy efficient and many people see significant cost savings after installation. Heat pumps also double as a cooling system in the summer months making them a great choice for year-round climate control.


I can help you determine if a heat pump is the right choice for you and install the system in your home. ​​


Heat Pump Benefits:


  • One system to heat and cool your home.

  • Energy-efficient systems can lower your costs year-round.

  • Zone-friendly - heat pumps can heat or cool only the rooms you choose.

  • Heat pumps do not use fuel so you are never in danger of running out.

With Andrew Stevens Heating and Air Conditioning services, all sales and installations receive:


  1. Registration of all products and complete rebate paperwork

  2. Ongoing support and maintenance


Service 7 Days a Week

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